For some time now, people who were curious about my artwork  have been asking me if I had a website where they could go to see more of  my work.  The truth is, I have posted many of my older drawings and paintings on several public, art-specific websites over the years.  I must admit,  however, that I have never created a site that I could say was “my” website.  Today, I thought to myself…  Why not?  Why shouldn’t I create an online  home for my art and ideas?  Why have I not yet staked my claim in the vast online universe?  Well…  That time has come!

I have enjoyed the experience of having some of my artwork on public display.  It’s inspiring to have strangers admire and/or critique one’s work.  I have even managed to sell a few pieces!  Still, I was not taking my art seriously until I underwent a couple of life-altering(but not life-threatening) events – including the loss of  my very own rent-free and commission-free display space.  Sure, I’ve recently been offered the chance to come back and display my work again.  But, I’m sure that it won’t be the same as it was before.  I can honestly say that I didn’t fully capitalize on that awesome opportunity the first time around.  Such is life!

Art has been one of my hobbies for more than 30 years.  Those who know me refer to it as more of a gift than a hobby.  Hobby, gift, or whatever you want to call it, I think it’s time that I take it a little more seriously!   …and see what happens.

This will be the place where everyone can come and enjoy(or not enjoy) my own unique, artistic expressions.  I will be working on the site daily!  I’ll constantly be adding photos of my work both old and new.  I strongly encourage your comments, the comments of your friends and comments of your friends’ friends!




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