About H.Walker III

“Herb” to those familiar with me.  I was born on March 5, 1974 in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  The oldest of 5 children, I spent my formative years in Philadelphia before our family moved to Texas in 1990.  I currently live and create in Austin, Texas where I work for a structural engineering firm.

I developed a fascination with art as a child. In elementary and middle school, I spent much of my free time filling the pages of my composition books with miniature, abstract drawings.  Encouraged by my mother, I continued to draw throughout junior high and high school.  I began to affectionately call my abstract drawings “asymmetrics” due to my tilted and in-congruent freehand shapes. During my senior year in high school, my art instructor allowed me to experiment with several types of traditional and non-traditional media – from oil paints to airbrushing.  Through this experimentation, I acquired a greater appreciation for the visual arts. Despite her genuine efforts to guide me towards what might have been a successful art career, I stopped practicing art after graduation.

Today, my passion for personal expression is gradually being reignited.


More about me..

Favorite art medium/tool(s):  technical pen/pencil

Favorite genre(s) of music:  jazz(smooth/contemporary), old school hiphop, classical

Favorite sport(s):  motorsports, bicycling, basketball

Favorite time of day:  dusk




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