The final show of the year…

Would you like to help prepare me for my next art show?

This show will be my second live show.  I am already hard at work on new drawings, paintings and scratchworks to tantalize the eyes and stimulate the mind.   I’m hoping to have a much greater impact this time.

If you want to give me a hand, you can check out my new Kickstarter project!  You can begin supporting me for as little as $1.  And, YES, there is a reward for every backer!

If you are in the Austin area and/or prefer a more direct approach to support, you can grab a virtual ticket to “HOLIDAY RAWk” directly from my RAW profile!

Updates on the upcoming show and subsequent artwork will soon follow.


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RAW: Austin’s “PROVOCATION” show re-cap

RAW: Austin’s “PROVOCATIONS” show was quite an experience!

Pre-Show & Set-up

Although I was running a little behind for the visual artist set-up call, I got a break when I pulled up to The Parish and the load/unload parking space directly in front of the entrance was free.  It only took me about 5 minutes to run all of my artwork and supplies up the stairs and place them at my designated display spot.  I felt a twinge of pre-show nervousness while I was hanging my larger paintings.  It was probably because I started having trouble getting the height and angles right.  It was then that I remembered my brother’s offer to help me several weeks earlier.  I worked it out by myself, though purely by accident.  Eventually, I ran out of time and wall space.  So, I gathered my tools and my smaller art pieces and stashed them in the green room.  I hadn’t even placed info tags on my work.  I didn’t stress about it.  I figured that if anyone was really interested in buying, they would find me.  By around 8pm some of the guests started trickling in.  I stepped back and snapped a few cell phone pics of my own display before making my around the room to mingle and check out some of the other artists’ work.


The show definitely had that underground/indie vibe.  It may have lacked the upscale feel of a lounge at The W, but it definitely felt less “common” than the average walk-in bar on 6th street.  The atmosphere was very chill.  Thanks to D Bobby West who surprised me with his refreshing mixes.  I felt at home as I walked around greeting the patrons.  I made a special effort to greet those who I noticed were viewing my paintings.  It felt good, indeed, to observe individuals, couples and small groups of people walk up to my display and fix their gaze on a particular piece.  Then, with one hand tucked under an armpit and the other hand cupping their chin, they would lean slightly closer to examine the details.  I left the building only twice,  Once, to feed the parking meter and again, to feed my growling stomach.  That’s right!   I needed some time to rest my aching back and feet.  So, I took a stroll to Roppolo’s Pizzeria with a few good folks who were on my guest list.  Then it was back to The Parish for the last hour and a half of the show.

I walked around the room several times throughout the night to scope out the work of my peers.  I spoke to a few of the artists including the two Sams.  That is.. two different artists with two very different artistic styles – but both with the same name.  I was close to the stage when the short films of Jaime Sanchez and Deepak Chetty were featured.  Both films held my attention.  I made sure to let Jaime know that I was diggin’ the tracks he used in his film.  There were a few other artists who I intended to talk to, but never got to meet.

There were a handful of talented musicians who performed.  Three semi-solo acts and two bands.  I caught Anya’s performance as I was returning from my dinner break.  Having grown up listening to hiphop music while living in Philadelphia, I was initially hearing with critical ears.  But as she spit verse after verse, my head started bobbing.  No angry MC call-outs.  No false street bravado.  Simply intelligent, heartfelt and well-delivered lyrics.  She had it down!  Especially when she performed “Geronimo” which I recalled hearing on a local urban radio station.  I went to her soundcloud page to sample more during the weekend.  Nice!

Another act that I really enjoyed was the group Language Room.  Their music wasn’t normally my type of music… but good music is good music!  And, I literally rocked to every song hey played.  They sounded very polished.  If I had paid to get into the show, their performance alone would have gave me my money’s worth!

Of course, I continue to dream of having my very own solo show – where throngs of enthusiastic art lovers come to see me and my latest works of art.  Where ambient music fills the air and every wall in the exclusive venue is adorned with several of my highly desirable masterpieces.  But, there remains much work to do between now and then.  For now, being a RAW artist is as good as it gets.  And, I m looking forward to the next show(s).  I am already working on designs for a much cooler, interactive art display.  Can’t wait!


An Itch Leads to Art!

Well…   Actually, it’s the scratching that makes the art.  But, you’ll soon get the picture!  I haven’t done any scratch art since grade school.  I’m sure you too can remember that project  in elementary school art class, when you scribbled several colors on a glossy, white sheet of paper.  Then, you painted over the colors with black paint and let it dry.  You could hardly wait for the following class when you used various utensils to creatively – yet gently remove the paint, unleashing the psychedelic colors from underneath their dark blanket!  So cool!

These little 5″ x 7″ pieces are sort of the same thing – just without the psychedelic colors.  They are prefabricated scratchboard panels available in various sizes.  I chose the smaller sizes since I wasn’t sure what I would come up with.  I now have some larger boards waiting to be scratched.



For some time now, people who were curious about my artwork  have been asking me if I had a website where they could go to see more of  my work.  The truth is, I have posted many of my older drawings and paintings on several public, art-specific websites over the years.  I must admit,  however, that I have never created a site that I could say was “my” website.  Today, I thought to myself…  Why not?  Why shouldn’t I create an online  home for my art and ideas?  Why have I not yet staked my claim in the vast online universe?  Well…  That time has come!

I have enjoyed the experience of having some of my artwork on public display.  It’s inspiring to have strangers admire and/or critique one’s work.  I have even managed to sell a few pieces!  Still, I was not taking my art seriously until I underwent a couple of life-altering(but not life-threatening) events – including the loss of  my very own rent-free and commission-free display space.  Sure, I’ve recently been offered the chance to come back and display my work again.  But, I’m sure that it won’t be the same as it was before.  I can honestly say that I didn’t fully capitalize on that awesome opportunity the first time around.  Such is life!

Art has been one of my hobbies for more than 30 years.  Those who know me refer to it as more of a gift than a hobby.  Hobby, gift, or whatever you want to call it, I think it’s time that I take it a little more seriously!   …and see what happens.

This will be the place where everyone can come and enjoy(or not enjoy) my own unique, artistic expressions.  I will be working on the site daily!  I’ll constantly be adding photos of my work both old and new.  I strongly encourage your comments, the comments of your friends and comments of your friends’ friends!