Conception Art Show: Austin 10/20/18

This will be my first exhibition in 6 years!

Click on the link below for ticket information!



This is a very small drawing I did while watching news coverage of the recent fires in the western plains states.  The wind has carried the smoke through the midwest and we can now see the haze here in Austin.

“Wind-Carried” – colored pencil & graphite on 2in. x 4.5in. concrete panel.

An Itch Leads to Art!

Well…   Actually, it’s the scratching that makes the art.  But, you’ll soon get the picture!  I haven’t done any scratch art since grade school.  I’m sure you too can remember that project  in elementary school art class, when you scribbled several colors on a glossy, white sheet of paper.  Then, you painted over the colors with black paint and let it dry.  You could hardly wait for the following class when you used various utensils to creatively – yet gently remove the paint, unleashing the psychedelic colors from underneath their dark blanket!  So cool!

These little 5″ x 7″ pieces are sort of the same thing – just without the psychedelic colors.  They are prefabricated scratchboard panels available in various sizes.  I chose the smaller sizes since I wasn’t sure what I would come up with.  I now have some larger boards waiting to be scratched.